TallyEast Association Management

TallyEast Association Management (TEAM) is a full-service association management firm located in Tallahassee, Florida. TEAM is fully licensed in Florida as an Association Management Firm authorized to provide association management services to Florida condominium and home owner associations. Its principal holds a Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) license and is the owner of TEAM. In addition, TEAM employs an association manager who also holds a Florida CAM license so associations have the benefit of two fully licensed managers to assist in the overall management of their properties. The owner is also licensed in the state of Florida as a real estate sales associate.


TEAM is a local management firm committed to the values of professionalism, reliability, responsiveness, honesty, good value for service and proficiency in operational and financial aspects of association management.

Customer Service and Communication

TEAM places high priority on providing excellent service to condominium and homeowner associations and their governing boards of directors. It believes that open and responsive communication with association boards provides the best opportunity for a successful collaboration to manage association operations effectively and in keeping with owner expectations. TEAM embraces opportunities to keep residents informed of management operations and board initiatives and to feel valued as they offer input and suggestions.

Proactive Management Approach

Rather than taking a reactive approach to situations, TEAM takes a proactive approach to managing associations and properties, emphasizing foresight, initiative and risk management. Using this approach, TEAM seeks to identify and resolve issues before they escalate and become costly or detrimental to the association.

Management Firm Role in Enhancing Association Properties

While ultimate responsibility for caring for, maintaining and managing association property rests with the association members and their board of directors, TEAM believes that the association management firm is an integral partner in that endeavor and that effective and responsive management is essential to the success and viability of condominium and home owner associations. When owners, tenants and investors see a well-maintained facility that is well-managed and financially stable, they see a property that has increased property value and marketability – and a great place to call “home.”